Advanced rechargeable lithium power.

More power, longer travel distances and all within the same space

There are only a handful of e-bike manufacturers that offer more than the bare minimum rechargeable power capacity. What's more besides us there are absolutely "0" bike distributors that are directly connected to a leading lithium cell manufacturer and have access to their own top battery pack engineers. Currently we can repair Emoto , Easy Motion , Stromer , A2B , Optibike , Currie Ezip , Lee Iacocca E-Bike , Pedego, Haibike , Motiv , and any other major bike line that has an external case.

Ours have managed to fit a massive 36 volt 16 amp hour advanced "Hard Polymer" LiCoMn rechargeable Lithium pack inside the same space normally used by a 10Ah battery. This combination of super high quality cells and additional power adds both distance and hill-climbing torque.

The team also designed and built our own battery management system and charge protection circuitry. Our latest development will allow dealers to actually diagnose the health of the battery pack via a new USB to PC link.

Battery Maintenance

Check the Charger Type – Only use the charger that was supplied with your electric bike as using other chargers may be harmful to the battery. Not all battery have the same chemistry and using unauthorized chargers could detrimentally and irreparably affect the batteries.

Take Advantage of a Cycle – Make sure you are properly fully charging your battery in order to get ensure you get a full cycle. Refer to the charger’s manual to make sure you fully charge the battery per the instructions provided with your e-bike before you ride.

Refer to Owner’s Manual -- Each Energie Cycle E-bike comes with an owner’s manual that outlines how to maintain your battery. Read and follow the owners manual and warning stickers supplied with your bike.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures – Extreme temperature conditions put additional stress on lithium ion batteries. Exposure to extreme temperatures may result in irreversible decreased capacity and cycle life.. Avoid storing and charging your battery in a garage or shed that could be subject to extreme temperatures. Instead, charge and store your battery in a moderate temperature area.

Recommended storage temperatures are 32F – 77F. Avoid exposing the battery to extreme heat, 104F + for long periods of time.

Extended Storage of a Lithium Battery – If you will not be riding your electric bike for an extended period of time it is a good idea to store your lithium battery with a full charge. At the 3 month point, check the state of charge and recharge to top it off if necessary.

Avoid Humidity – Store your bike, battery and charger in a location that is dry. Water and humidity are not good for any electrical device.