Customers Reviews For Energie Cycles Product Line

To keep up with the growing demand for our Energie Cycles, we have recently started selling directly to the general public as well as supplying replacement batteries for E-bikes. At Energie Cycles we pride ourselves on not only making great bikes, but providing excellent customer service as well. Here is what a few of our customers have to say about their experience with us.

Review of Energie Cycles model 2.6t Electric Bike

October 30, 2014

When my wife first suggested renting electric bikes during a trip to La Jolla, I wasn’t sure it sounded interesting, but we decided to give it a try. What a great experience! Riding an electric bike takes all the drudgery out of biking, while keeping all the fun. It’s the perfect middle ground between walking (you can see the sites, but it’s slow) and driving (you get around faster, but don’t see much). Naturally, after our great experience renting electric bikes, we decided it would be even more fun to own them. The search for the “right” electric bike began. It seemed like a straightforward task; however, we soon determined there is much to learn and know. We spent significant time searching the web, talking to dealers, and visiting shops in the area.

We wanted electric bikes that were reliable, performed well (including on hills where we live), and provided great value. In addition, we wanted to buy from a company with professional and knowledgeable people willing to be helpful. We found the best solution from Energie Cycles in Las Vegas.

Energie Cycles operates their production facility in Las Vegas, so we were able to visit in person and learn about the bikes, the technology, and the company. Sean K. Turner, an Electrical Engineer by background and leader of the Technical Support area, was incredibly helpful. He spent lots of time explaining how electric bikes work, the trade-offs in different features, and answering our numerous questions. We were fortunate to have the chance to work with Sean.

In our opinion, the key functionality related to the battery, motor, and price.


Energie Cycles is related to a battery technology company. As a result, they have access to excellent battery technology. Our bikes have a 36 volt/16 amp battery. There is a lot of technical information about voltage, amperage, and wattage that governs the performance of the bike, but we found ours have plenty of power and durability. We haven’t conducted an absolute test yet, but believe we will get 40 miles or more from a single charge. One of the great features of Energie Cycles is the included battery charger with “quick charge” capability. At the normal charge setting (3.5 amps) it takes about 5 hours to fully charge the battery. With the “quick charge” at 7 amps, you can get about 75% charged in an hour, if you needed to go somewhere soon.


In the electric bike world, these seem to range from 350 watts to 750 watts. Ours are 500 watt motors mounted in the hub of the rear wheel. They provide plenty of power, including climbing hills. We considered buying the mid-drive motor, which takes advantage of the 7-speed gearing for greater power, but felt the additional cost wasn’t justified for our requirements. If you want even more power, the mid-drive (which we tested) would certainly do the job.


Buying an electric bike is an investment. It’s not like purchasing a $90 bicycle at Walmart, although I know people who have spent $4,000 on a high-end road bicycle. We compared pricing (as well as features) for several alternative brands. That included Currie, Prodeco, and Polaris, among others. In our analysis, the Energie Cycle offered much more value for the price, and was extremely competitive with the other manufacturers.

Other features:

There were several other features of the Energie bikes which caused us to buy them. They offer both Pedal Assist (the motor adds power to your pedaling effort, based on the ratio you select, from 1 to 4X) and throttle. You can actually rest your legs and let the throttle to do all the work. Of course, if you want more exercise, you can turn off Pedal Assist, and simply rely on the traditional 7-speed gearing to get your workout.

To protect our investment, Energie includes a very effective audio alarm. It is activated using a key “fob”. When the bike is moved slightly (perhaps by a would-be thief) it emits an ear-piercing tone. It would definitely discourage anyone from bothering the bike.

The LCD display provides all the information a rider needs. It shows speed, battery life remaining, Pedal Assist setting (0 to 4), trip odometer, and other features. With this information, we are able to manage our trips and be sure we return with battery power to spare; although, we could always pedal home if we accidentally ignored the LCD.

Both of our bikes have disk brakes on the front and rear wheels. One has hydraulic brakes, which offers greater braking power with less manual effort. The front suspension on the bikes is great. We ride mostly on paved bike paths or wide sidewalks, but traversing bumpy areas is very smooth, and makes the ride really comfortable.

The People:

One of the best parts about buying Energie Cycles has been the people there. Most of our interaction has been with Sean (see above), but everyone has been courteous, professional, and responsive in assisting us. That includes associates in management, the business/finance area, and operations. The entire team has made the experience very positive. We’ve enjoyed our Energie bike so far, and look forward to many years of fun with them.

Energie Cycles stands up to the test

November 7, 2014

We are the owners of the premier electric bike tour in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in Las Vegas, NV. We are solely using Energie Cycles electric bikes on our tours. We chose them for many reasons. The first thing that got our attention was looks, of course. We love the design, both modern and sporty. But it was the technology that was way more important and that was what sealed the deal for us. Besides featuring the Bafang motor, Energie produces the most technologically advanced battery on the market. Since we put these bikes to extreme tests: climbing major hills (1000 feet in the first 5 miles of our tour), extreme heat (it's a desert out there!), and riders of all shapes and sizes (newbies can be tough on equipment). We had to find a bike that could stand up to the challenge and we found that bike at Energie. Our customers have a blast riding these amazing machines. So if you are looking into owning your own Ebike, we would definitely recommend this one!