We have combined both common sense items along with a full selection of the e-bike enthusiast's "Wish List" of features into our line. The response has been a double thumbs-up rating!

Diagnostic app

The Energie cycles Diagnostic app works for the Engineering team as a tool allowing the Engineer access to see the health of each individual Cell pair inside the battery pack. The app also has user control commands that can force a charge or discharge and also see the status of BQ77 chip. The App can log each voltage on any giving cell which helps with balancing as well as helps with the overall life of the battery.

8FUN Mid-Drive Motors

This extremely strong driving mid motor has a maximum power of 500 watts. It can unfold its power efficiently through constant speed and the down gearing (1:21,9). With 120 Nm it has a high torque and thus gives ideal support for acceleration from a stationary start.

Tektro hydraulic Disc brakes

TEKTRO Brakes are designed for superior levels of performance and durability achieved through the use of advanced production techniques, accurate processing and meticulous quality control. TEKTRO brakes are extensively tested for reliability and safety on and off-road, and in the laboratory - by a company with more than 20 years experience designing and manufacturing bicycle brake systems.

TEKTRO hydraulic brakes are an available upgrade

More power for better hill climbing and longer distances

Starting with our 36 volt 16amp hour battery pack on the three fixed frame bikes, énergie cycles gives you more than 576 watt hours of riding power. Add our optional 36 volt 10amp hour external battery pack and you can increase your travel distance by as much as 180%.

Our battery packs are manufactured with some of the most advanced industry LiCoMn Lithium "Hard Polymer" cells with as many as 2000* charge cycles. Combine that with our own Battery Management System circuitry and charge protection and you can expect thousands of miles of supported travel.

Better display of information

Information is only good if it is accurate. Our research showed that riders want to know what's going on so we gave it to them with our over sized Bafang LCD handlebar mounted display. Bundled with its own advanced controller, this digital dashboard gives the rider both average speed and maximum speed reached; it displays the assist support mode; and backlit light switch.

Our engineering team have added a new measurement feature that more accurately displays the remaining charge within the Energie Cycles large lithium battery pack. The new technology uses the built-in computer chip with its internal fuel gauge that tracks the remaming charge capacity much more accurately than other e-bike lines. This new feature allows the rider to go further with more confidence that they will be able to get back with enough juice!

Security & Safety

OK, so we've added all these great features to the energie cycles line but now how do you protect your investment? Our bikes have their own built-in anti-theft alarm system that is controlled by a personal wireless key fob just like your car. This electronic system has a number of security features including the ability to cut the power from the controller to the motor and even has an adjustable motion sensor with a built-in 100 decibel alarm.

The Best Equipment Brands

Besides our unique frame and custom molded parts which have been modified to fit our select list of leading brands, we have incorporated some of the industry's best electrical motors and components from Bafang, gearing systems from Shimano, brake systems from Tektro, adjustable front forks from SR Suntour and LCD displays from Bafang, just to name a few.

Tested and blended together, these components give a quality ride experience for everyone from novice to experienced e-bike riders.