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At this year's race came to a total of 13 4-team. Including a Team in France, Italy and Luxembourg. Due to a storm warning of the start had to be postponed twice. Team Bafang entered as the only team without a Bosch engine, instead using the new innovative Max Drive System. After starting the French team went straight ahead and built this out until nightfall on 10 minutes. In the darkness, then came our team riders round closer to round. Shortly after midnight, the Team went for the first time in the lead. This was not even issued. Risks was on the legendary Nordschleife of the Nürburgring with more than 500 meters above sea level! Then there was a 500m long steep section with 27% gradient. A round length was 24km. After that has been changed. The Max Drive System was this challenge with flying colors. The engine was outstanding with his by zugsstarken engine. We did not have a technical defect. The drivers gave their utmost to win. Their advantage was that they all possessed a longstanding ring experience. Click Here to see more

eSocial Bike is Here!!!!

eSocialBike integrates e-bike, mobile and cloud computing technologies. The system retrieves Diagnostic and Geo-location data from the e-bike embedded electronics, send them online via cloud technology and creates helpful information for professional users. Better vehicle control, more accurate maintenance, personalized customer service, or fleet management are just some of the advantages. Click Here to see more

Pete's Electric Bike Review

Check out this review with large detailed pictures and specifications of the Energie Cycles 2.6td to get familiar with this e-bike. Pete's website is dedicated to getting the word out about electric bikes through news, reviews, riding & maintenance tips, & more!

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Energie Cycles Selected For Guided Red Rock Canyon Tour Program

With the official announcement heading out just before InterBike, Energie Cycles was selected to be the official ride for the thousands of Las Vegas visiting tourists who head out to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Visit our Dealer section to find out more about John's new program. In the meantime, check out the complete press release.

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Energie Cycels CTO Mike Horan and Wonstar Sun out front
New controller assembly
Part of our order ready to ship
Random drive taken for testing
Torque test results show 92.3 on the way to 94
Motor testing station
New controller programming application training

Clearing Up The Facts About The BBS-02 Mid-Drive System

In our trip to Shanghai for the China Cycle show, we made a side trip to our strategic motor partner Bafang in Suzhou. There are few companies in this industry that have the facility size and capacity to produce and deliver more than 800,000 units annually.

We had a full agenda with the engineering team to get our staff fully prepared to sell, install, service and customize the Bafang BBS-02 mid-drive motor systems. With our own engineering team present, we wanted to address the various stories out there regarding the motors and the debate behind the two types of drives.

BBS-01 Overheating Issues - It was reported that the original motors in the 500 and 750 watt capacity were overheating and failing. FACT: the motor controllers did have an issue and yes the production stopped for a short period of time but there were two solutions. The immediate solution was to temporarily reduce the peak amp from 25 to 22 to keep the drives from shutting down. The more permanent solution (which is now in place) is that the controller has been upgraded to include 9 FETs over the previous 6 FETs (MOSFET). This will allow a greater amp output without overheating. This was actually a similar issue with the separate controllers and hub motors in the early days when the increased motor sizes where introduced.

The latest version of the larger drives known as BBS-02 for the 500 and 750 watt systems are in full production and shipping now.

Cancellation of the 500 watt 36volt system - In one blog, it was stated that Bafang was going to stop making this 500 watt model for 36volt systems. FACT: no this is not true. An updated controller is also being installed in this version for better and cooler performance and will be part of the BBS-02 program and it too is shipping right now.

Warranty And Overall Life Cycle Of Bafang Motors - Another motor manufacturer had lumped Bafang into a specific category that associated it with the typical domestic quality products often found in China. FACT: In our research of international users the quality seems to be holding up. To start with like our own warranty policies, Bafang offers a full 2-year warranty on the parts inside.

As for longevity, one example of life cycle is a company in Europe that has a fleet of hub powered bikes that deliver 2 large propane tanks on every run up and down hills. These bikes have been operating without motor issues for more than 4 years. In France the postal service has 20,000 hub powered electric bikes used daily for delivery and are now into 5 years on their systems without any reported warranty issues.

If there are any issues with the nylon/delrin gears, engineers demonstrated the easy replacement option that can be done by a typical e-bike mechanic.

The new mid-drive system gears are also replaceable but in the 2 years of development and evaluation there have been no reported warranty issues on the gear systems.

Torque Output - Other experts have claimed that the new mid-drives cannot deliver the published torque output. FACT: with our own engineers present in the lab, we took random motors from our current order and ran tests to show the measurement. Both our 500 and 750 units exceeded the printed amount. We saw 86Nm for the 500 and 94Nm for the 750 at peak outputs. When converted to Foot Pounds, the 500 watt delivers 63.43 ft lbs and the 750 equals 69.34 ft lbs!

For reference, our typical 500 watt brushless hub drive delivers around 20Nm which is equal to 14.75 ft lbs.

In further evidence that all mid-drives are creating increased torque for the benefit of both the higher weight of cargo bikes as well as the new trend in mountain bike configurations, Bosch reported chain failure early on, which has brought on the demand for higher tension chains. Energie Cycles has already announced that our new Bafang mid-drive solutions will come with the new e-bike chain that offers 10x the strength.

Mid-Drives Do Not Come With Throttles - One industry veteran indicated that most mid-drives did not come with a throttle and therefore would fail in the US marketplace. FACT: the Bafang BBs-01 and 02 systems come complete with a standard thumb throttle as well as the speed sensor that supports the Pedal Assist.

In the case of the Energie Cycles, because of our extensive engineering team, we have full access to the custom controller programming interface for the Bafang system and we are actually integrating our extremely durable half-twist throttle with our red button. The combined programming capability will allow us to turn off all power assist, run pedal assist or throttle only, as well as offer the rider a combined solution.

Future Of Torque Sensors - Currently Bafang does not offer a Torque Sensing option with the BBS-01/02 systems, but like most companies they believe that this is the future. FACT: Bafang just showcased the newest mid-drive system with a combined torque and speed sensor that is in pre-production. The prototype at the show gave everyone a glimpse. The challenge is that it requires the similar bottom bracket mount change found on the majority of other mids such as the Bosch system.

We believe that the current BBS-02 model with its ability to fit into a traditional bottom bracket offers more flexibility in the near term as this new system catches on. For Energie Cycles we can use our same frame for both the mid and hub configurations with only minor modifications.

With 9 major exhibition halls and a dozen outdoor pavilions and action displays China Cycle 2014 offered an amazing look at where the bicycle industry is headed

Energie Cycles Line Full Of Exciting Changes

It was inevitible that following our meetings with suppliers at the Taipei Cycle show that our engineering team has firmed up the changes for the Energie Cycles line-up for the Spring and Summer for the line.

What had started with Bafang back in September has continued on in strong fashion with the migration to the mid-drive system. Based on the demand, we are upgrading both the 2.6t and 2.6tm with the 500 watt mid-drive systems. Furthermore, we are dramatically changing the 2.0t by converting this to a 350 watt mid-drive with a bunch of new technology features that cater to the increased performance.

We are upgrading brakes, adjustible necks, headsets, cranks, Shimano gear systems, tires, display integration and other components to handle the increased performance. we are even swapping chains for the new high strength e-bike chains as well as increasing the thickness of the spokes. We already have pre-orders for more than 100 units and expect that the additional container full of parts for assembly arriving in 4-5 weeks will be spoke for shortly.

More news will be heading out via the newsletter shortly.

New Really Smart Charger To Be Shipped With All New Energie Cycles

With the size of our main battery pack being one of the largest in the industry, we knew that we needed to come up with an equally high performance charger that would allow the rider a reasonable charge time for such a large pack. The other issue is making a charger that meets the new California CEC standards. The new "Really Smart" Charger goes beyond the so called smart charger bot in features as well as performance.

While most lithium chargers being delivered with today's e-bikes range between .8 and 1.8 amps for charging, ours delivers 3.5 amps on the standard/trickle mode and a whopping 7amps for the high speed/turbo mode. The smart sensing system allows the charger to remained plugged in but it remains off until a battery is actually connected. The 4 phase process goes from start to finish and can cut the charge time in half for most well made packs.

New Bafang Mid-Drive To Make Its Debut In January As An Upgrade On The 2.6t and 2.6tm Models

Following our joint marketing effort during InterBike, Energie Cycles will be offering the new Bafang BBS 350w and 500w mid-drive motor packages on the 2.6t and 2.6tm models. These extremely powerful drives fit into the bottom bracket and now utilize the Shimano 7-speed gear system as part of the drive train. With more than 5x the amount of torque, these motors add significant hill climbing capabilities while lowering the weight of the bikes.

Both of the upgraded models will continue to use the advanced 36v 16Ah pack as the power source. The 2.6td will retail for $2650.00 and the 2.6tmd will be available for $2875.00

Special Red 2.6 Makes Its Debut In The Window At Seattle E-Bike

In one of the most prominent locations in downtown Seattle, Energie Cycles made its debut in the window of Seattle E-Bike and is drawing a crowd. This growing shop is excited to have the line and has a mix of the 2.6tm and the folding 2.0 excursion bike in their inventory. We are excited to have them as a new dealer!